How do you tell a girl you like her

Poems Dec 04, 2019

How do you tell a girl you like her, how do you let her know that you care,

Do you show up on her doorsteps with flowers, with a box of chocolate in hand,

Do you try to serenade her with sweet words, and make her heart sway like palm fronds,

Do you buy her a ton of jewellery, or maybe a necklace laced with lovely rubies

How do you talk to a girl you have a crush on, how do you share your feelings with her,

Do you write her a thousand word letter, each word backed by blood and with tears,

Do you arrange an orchestra for her, and hope that it makes her heart melt,

Do you get her a cute puppy, one that causes her to catch her breath,

How do you tell a girl that you like her, how do you let her know how you really feel,

Do you take her for a night at the movies, and wait till your arms suddenly touch,

And hope that you'd hear some bells go off, something signalling that all would be well,

Do you wait for that one magical moment, the one where birds chirp away softly,

How do you tell a girl that you really like her, how do you pour out your heart and watch it flare,

Do you look her in the eyes and tell her, while your heart beats so fast that it makes you sweat,

Would she be moved by the words that come forth from within you, words probably refined and finessed,

Or would she just hear the ramblings of someone who's lost his marbles, someone she'd rather not be near

How do I tell a girl that I like her, or do I just let the feelings fade away,

Feelings that I've already let fester, that captivate my heart at every step,

Maybe I'd tell her and she'd hate me, maybe I'd tell her and she'd be impressed,

But shyness has taken a hold of me, and I've let myself be consumed by the fear.

Onyekachi Okereke

Kachi is currently a software developer. He enjoys watching shows on Netflix and writes once in a while. Also a really shy dude